November 28 - December 1, 2008
Destination: Bolinao & Hundred Islands, Pangasinan


After two very successful travel photography expeditions since summer (the first one to Batad and Banaue organized by a friend and I last May, and the second one, to Cagayan and Pagudpud organized by The Pinoy Nomads last August) another travel photography trip is coming up this November 28 - December 1, 2008! This time, the destination is in Bolinao and Hundred Islands, Pangasinan =)

I am actually very excited about this trip because four years ago, in November 2004, I joined an overnight travel photography trip to Bolinao organized by the Filipinas Heritage Library. I was just using my point and shoot camera then and it never crossed my mind that I'd be going back one day to mentor a travel photography trip in the same place too =) This time, it wont be just for one night though, but 2 nights since we're also going to visit Hundred Islands too.

The trip will be for 3 days and 2 nights... (actually, we will be away for 3 nights if you consider the night we leave Manila since we leave on a Friday night to get to our destination the following morning... We get back on Monday night, December 1 (I do believe that December 1 is a holiday by the way =) ... There are only 13 slots for this trip since the mode of transportation will be via 2 private vans. For those who will register for the trip, there will be a pre-trip orientation on November 21 to get to know each other before the trip and also to talk about what stuff to prepare and bring... a post-trip get-together will be scheduled after the trip =)

Who's organizing the trip and what kind of camera is accepted for the trip?

The trip is organized by The Pinoy Nomads, the same group who organized the Cagayan and Pagudpud trip last August.

The trip is aimed for both amateur beginners and serious photographers too so it's ok if you don't have a fancy DSLR camera and a bag full of lenses...all kinds of cameras are ok...whether it's a DSLR, a simple point and shoot, your grandpa's old film cam, an instamatic, a lomo cam, a pinhole cam, or heck, even a phonecam will do if its your thing! =) .... there is a saying that goes "it's the indian, not the pana" and I think this rings true... check out the shots I took during the trip to Bolinao 4 years ago... all photos were taken with just a point and shoot camera, so p&s users are welcome to join =)

How much is the fee to join the trip?

The workshop fee is P12,000 and includes transportation via private van, insurance, food and accomodation for the duration of the trip. If you pay in full by October 31, you need only pay P10,500. If you make a 50% downpayment, you only have to pay P11,000. So register early to avail of the early bird rates =) ...send an email to pinoynomads(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested to join this exciting adventure!

What are the highlights of the trip?

* Swimming in Patar - a white sand beach
* Visit to Enchanted Underground Cave
* View of Cape Bolinao Lighthouse (built by the Americans in 1903)
* Sunset shoot against rock formations
* Day tour in Alaminos Hundred Islands National Park
* Church of St James Fortress
* Bolinao falls
* You can download the brochure here =)

Photo above was taken in Bolinao with my point and shoot camera in November 2004
and was included in Epson's Best Images of 2005 Coffeetable Book =)