06 - 07 Nov 2004 - Bolinao, Pangasinan

Si Jom

In the heart of Bolinao Pangasinan, just a few meters away from the seashore, lies a  nice little resort with 5-star amenities called Puerto del Sol...this is where we stayed... this shot was taken just as the sun was about to rise... view of Puerto del Sol's "zen" pool taken at noon

i found this fellow perched on a piece of bark during one of our hikes that day... little plants growing near the seashore a receipt, a piece of coral and a growing plant was what i found under one of the tables along the beach

the statue of the virgin mary at the entrance of our resort say hi to utam and princess =) calachuchis are one of my favorite flowers in the world...they're so pretty =)

this is me taken an hour after the sunset using a slow shutterspeed =) the cabana at sunrise...or was it sunset? i cant remember... i liked the reflections this family made on the water =)

pogi-tema? what a weird name! oh well, whatever floats their boat =) don't know why this palm tree looked different from all the rest the lighthouse was too tall for my little camera's frame of view =/

i've always wanted to have a spiral-stairs shot =) now i have one =) those 100+ steps going up the lighthouse wasn't really so bad there's tanya and adriana, fellow workshoppers,  comparing shots with each other

the view from the top of the lighthouse where our instructor Jay waxed poetic and i wondered how it would be like to be stuck there during an earthquake the sea beckons...the view from the otherside of the lighthouse ok i decided to get back inside coz i was getting a bit queasy

colorful little banca another colorful little boat ...and yet another boat =) ...we were all into taking pictures of boats that day...

Bolinao Falls

i wonder if this fisherman knew he was right in the middle of sunset

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Puerto del Sol, Bolinao, Pangasinan - Photos by Michelle Morelos
Copyright by Glitterdoll.net 2004
All images taken with a Canon Powershot G5.
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