September 2005 - Team Gensan

leonard pe
arnell umali
ronald velasquez

brian rabago a.k.a. ogrefoot
me and my baby camera

I feel so lucky to be part of this year's Team Gensan -- Manila-based photographers who are invited by the Tuna Festival Council of General Santos City to capture their hometown's festivities...It's my first time to fly somewhere for the sole purpose of just shooting pictures and let me tell you that the 6 days i spent there were so much fun...each day was filled with so many exciting activities from morning till midnight as the photos in the previous pages show.

A street parade where school children from every school in the city converged at the town circle culminated the week long festivities. They were dressed up in the most colorful sea creature costumes not just to showcase their creativity, talent and teamwork, but also to celebrate and pay tribute to the bounties of the sea from which they have received so much...

Click this to learn more about General Santos City, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines...

Read about GenSan's most famous resident and the source of our nation's pride -- world-famous boxing champ Manny Pacquiao (1| 2) ...

Thanks to Mayor Pedro Acharon, Jr and to the Tuna Festival Council for their hospitality during our stay... particularly to Orman, Leonard, Ronald and Ramil ... you guys are the best! ... Thanks to Brian and the 2 Arnels for making the trip a lot more, well, interesting =)

Thanks to Rhonson for taking this photo of me and my props ...and to Ogrefoot for taking this pic too =)

Thanks to Sir Jong for lending me his external flash and making my baby cam look a lil more professional and kagalang-galang =) (can't imagine how I would have survived those nightly events without one!)

To Sir Bobby Timonera ...thanks so much for believing in me (and my G5) and for recommending me to the Tuna Festival Council =) I can only dream of being even half as good as you are so thank you so much for the encouragement!

I love GenSan!!! =)

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GenSan Tuna Festival Photos by Michelle Morelos
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