What's been keeping me busy ?

It has been more than a year since my last update and I've been asked what's kept me away from updating my site with new photos as I used to do every month in the past...

Have I stopped shooting? Definitely not. In fact, I've finally taken the big step of purchasing my first DSLR, a Nikon D200, in January this year and I've been shooting a lot more people-oriented celebrations since then (from little kiddy parties, weddings and corporate events, to just about anything). However, I've missed out on a lot of out-of-town photo opportunities early this year such as the Sinulog Festival in Cebu and the Panagbenga Flower fest in Baguio which so many local shutterbugs attended, as well as trips to scenic places with friends and family because I made it my goal for the first quarter of this year to finish my graduate studies, which I finally did in March. By the end of April, I enrolled in a basic open-water/scuba-diving certification course, something I've always wanted to do since 2005 (underwater photography is something I'd love to get into later on, but that's another story =)

In between finishing my master's degree, learning underwater skills and other trivial pursuits, I've also been working part-time as a photographer at a wonderful place called Blow-Up Babies. BUB is a photo studio which specializes in child and maternity portraits but is steadily emerging as a full-production photo studio, as envisioned by its 6 young and creative owners who hail from the movie and advertising industry. It is with them that I learned about a whole new world of photography -- studio photography. At the studio, our work can range from the usual and traditional studio portrait (you know, the ones taken against a flat-white or tie-dyed background), to highly-stylized, creative and unique portraits with props and dramatic lighting. We also specialize in artistic nude/skin shots.

Here are some of the work I've done there...





So that's what's been keeping me busy so far this year... I hope to get more opportunities to shoot and learn more (nightscapes, light-painting, HDR, scannography, underwater and fine-art photography are some of the stuff I want to try soon!) ...see you on my next update and thanks for visiting my site! =)



All images taken at Blow-Up Babies Photography Studio except top-most photo.
Top-most photo taken at a Nude Photography Workshop with Dominique James.
Book a portrait session at Blow-Up Babies by calling 912-9101 (Gateway branch) or 909-7999 (Serendra branch)