12 April 2008: Palaui Island

....After yesterday morning's visit to the mystical Callao Caves and the super fun time we had swimming in the Pinacanauan River in the afternoon, we took a 3-hour van ride this morning plus an hour's ride by boat to get to the hidden island of Palaui...

....We hiked up that hill late in the afternoon to reach the more-than-century-and-a half-old Cape Engaño Lighthouse. There, we pitched tents, watched the sunset, did some light-graffiti in the spooky darkness and tried to get some sleep amidst the sound of the howling winds and my scary imagination of dead and un-dead things...

(Once we got back to Manila, we had shivers running down our spine when we found out a little piece of trivia that 78 people lost their lives on that very island for reasons we're not very sure of =] (Are we brave or what?!) ....(crazy is more like it! =p


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Thanks to Chin Cabrido for organizing this wonderful trip! =)