the view from our balcony...sunrise in Baguio strawberry fields rolling hills


too shy to face the camera? the council of elders an igorot woman looks on


colors bursting in the flowers being sold in the town market pretty little thorny thing don't you think the black one feels strangely out of place?

yummy treats to bring home from your trip i never knew papayas came in all shapes and sizes... sundot kulangot = pinch of snot/booger ... they're pretty tasty actually! ...but no, they're not what you think...they're just called that way =)

these flowers are called 'everlasting' ...they still look that way even after they dry up tall, bright and sunny purple and yellow flowers growing by the sidewalk

the view of the country club at night lanterns from a chinese resto we dined in on our way home


Baguio, the Summer Capital of the Philippines- Photos by Michelle Morelos
Copyright by 2004
All images taken with a Canon Powershot G5.
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