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an empty egg shell, a few colored rubber bands, some glitter and  flower-shaped confetti and voila! my easter egg masterpiece! meet uncle's adorable golden retriever =) ...the only thing missing is a bunny wabbit =(
Quiapo church ...where thousands of Filipinos are devoted to its patron saint, the Black Nazarene fragrant sampaguita buds are strewn into delicate necklaces to hang around your favorite holy statue people-shaped voodoo candles being sold in front of Quiapo church...isn't that so eerie?!
a pedicab driver and his customer in front of the Tondo Church cool down from this summer's heat with these very practical fans colorful balloons being sold in the Sto. Domingo churchyard
The Holy Trinity at the ceiling of one of the churches we visited lighting a candle for Jesus to grant her prayers the newly renovated Immaculate Concepcion Parish...where I had my first communion in this church when i was in 2nd grade
tucked away in the hills of Antipolo is one retired interior designer's dream come true. The matriarch has a knack for theme houses so in her family's sprawling compound, there is an Apple house, a Moo house and a Vegetable house where decoration themes are strictly followed ...this is the porch of the Sunflower House where everything inside is bursting with sunflowers =)

April 8-11. Had 4 days off from work to spend with family... Aside from attending mass every single day, we also made the rounds in 7 different churches for the tradional Visita Iglesia. My favorite was our stopover at Quiapo church where there were just so many activities. Too bad we only stayed for a while so I couldn't take as much pictures as I wanted.

flowers in our garden are in full bloom

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