lily in full-color...lots of tiny tadpoles underneath those lily pads =)
Dec 30, 2003...took the day off from work to join family for lunch at Antonio's in Tagaytay. Martin reunited with cousin Isabella who flew in from the UK and they had a lot of fun. Isabella tried to catch tadpoles with her bare hands from the lily pond while Martin seemed pretty content just watching from behind. Food was delicious and the place was just gorgeous...but the drive home was tiring!
isabella and martin goofing around =)

little fountain at the entrance of ilog maria honeybee farms....also in tagaytay =) the receiving area of antonio's farm according to kelvin, koi fish are lucky

tiny little lavender flowers =) happy cheerful gerberas sitting on a chair =) goddess...

strange fruit grape-like plant vibrant orange flower

weathered wooden momma welcomes visitors to antonio's farm lazy daisies floating on a bowl =) it's almost sunset...time to go home

time to go...

Antonio's is located in Tagaytay City, around an hour's drive away from Manila. If you've tried Sonia's Garden and would like to try something new in Tagaytay, go and try Antonio's. While I loved Sonia's signature Super Secret Salad recipe, I prefer Antonio's ambiance and the fact that you get to choose what to eat instead of having a set menu. For inquires and reservations, contact 0917-8992866.

palms waving bye bye...for now



Antonio's Restaurant, Tagaytay - Photos by Michelle Morelos
Copyright by 2004
All images taken with a Canon Powershot G5.
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