Would you like to go to Bed with me?
I was in Bed last night with so and so...

Bed is actually a gay bar in Malate but I only realized it was such an hour after I arrived with my aunt and her 2 bestfriends (who happen to be a gay couple). Yes, call me dense....but I just thought it was simply a guy's place to hang out in...where strippers, any moment, would start strutting their stuff on the ledge. I felt awkward being there as soon as the true nature of the place hit me. I was being eyed by all these men who probably felt my aunt and I were intruders in their world....but soon after, my aunt's friends made me feel at ease and I was soon too mesmerized by the glitterball hanging on the ceiling that I couldn't resist bringing out my camera....



Bed Gay Bar, Malate - Photos by Michelle Morelos
Copyright by Glitterdoll.net 2004

All images taken with a Canon Powershot G5.
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