10 May 2004
Election Day

Today's frontpage shows a picture of the 5 presidential candidates taken during last night's mass for peaceful elections All systems go for the Commission on Elections It is illegal to distribute sample ballots near election precincts on election day but who's checking anyway? This bumper sticker says "Jobs, education and health care" if the Bigkis Pinoy partylist wins. (This little boy needs dental attention right away) ...but will their lives be better after the elections? "Bayan muna" means "Country First" but it's all just dirty politics "Who will you vote for? ...last guy says he won't vote because it really won't matter anyway a voter's registration record....which a lot of people failed to accomplish  because they didn't really think their votes would make much of a difference anyway the (sacred?) ballot box being watched over by a holy  presence just making the most out of available space "Ballot Secrecy Folder" a good citizen exercising her right of suffrage may the best man/woman win sealed envelopes containing local absentee votes which were cast a few days ago by people who wouldn't be able to vote today because they would be on duty (like policemen, and teachers  who were assigned poll duty today) Comelec officials observe the opening of sealed envelopes containing local absentee votes a news reporter relays  the latest quick-count poll results from the Namfrel

Who will the Philippines' next president be?

Will it still be the snobby, feisty incumbent?
the mumbling movie actor who really
has nothing intelligent to say or do?
the self-righteous evangelist who proclaims
he has the Almighty at his side?
the seasoned but ailing statesman?
the crime-fighting former policeman who has been linked to several murder charges?

Will our lives actually get better
after this?

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Philippine Presidential Elections 2004 - Photos by Michelle Morelos
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