11 May 2004
7:30 pm

Our editor sent me to cover presidential aspirant FPJ's 'victory' march' at Ayala Ave tonight. This was my first time to be sent out to take pictures of a political rally where anything could happen. Like a giddy little child, I went out on the streets with my camera and braved the crowds feeling both scared and excited. I was holding my camera overhead trying to take a good shot of the militant group PMAP (People's Movement Against Poverty) forming their lines before the rally amidst the rush hour traffic (first picture above) when I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind...it certainly was a nice surprise to see a group of photographers smiling from a pick-up truck behind me, offering to pull me up so I could join them and get a better shot from where they stood. I was really overwhelmed to learn they were from Associated Press and Agence France-Presse... these guys were my idols =) After exchanging cards, we noticed the truck wasn't getting anywhere with the heavy traffic building up in front of us so we all decided to get down. After that, I was lost in the crowd and on my own again.

There's so much more for me to learn to take good pictures especially during night time when just a slight movement from the subject or from me can cause major blurring. Anyhow, these are some of the pictures I took tonight and though they may not look that great, I'm really happy about them because the first 2 pictures above were used on INQ7.net with the following caption, followed by a photo credit to me:

"Supporters of presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr. gather at the Makati central business district after initial, unofficial quick-count results showed Poe trailing behind incumbent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo"

pretty cool, eh? =)

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FPJ / Loren Legarda "Victory" March on Ayala Ave. - Photos by Michelle Morelos
Copyright by Glitterdoll.net 2004

All images taken with a Canon Powershot G5.
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