i collected each one from trips  i had to the beach little things make me happy i'd spend the entire day by the seashore looking for the tiniest seashells =)

someone sent flowers to me in the office....hmmm...i have a vague idea who it was but im not telling this lily was so pretty! unfortunately, it withered the next day =( i found these spiky thorny berry flowers during a trip to bulacan in february

colorful wooden dolls that hide tinier versions of them inside...a doll within a doll within a doll within a doll... i never figured out how to play the game harry potter's coins =)

charlotte....my finger-puppet friend from starbucks =) you should see my whole collection...they were all sent from canada with love =) mallow and the valentine twins...given by my bestfriend =)

dec 31 2003...a few minutes before midnight....at the rooftop of the rufino tower, makati new year's eve at the polo club...it wasn't really my type of thing though =j i was able to catch these fireworks at the field...unfortunately, they didnt turn out so good...i'll try again next year =)

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